About Alicia Earle Renner
Alicia Earle Renner was given her first 35mm SLR at the age of twelve by her father on Christmas day. She has been a dedicated photographer ever since. Alicia studied Visual Communications at Ohio University and graduated from its College of Fine Arts.

She has resided in Key West, FL, USA since 1990 and worked continuously pursuing her photography career, ever evolving and adding to her repertoire. Her most recent obsession is underwater photography and the results speak for themselves. She has had numerous commercial and editorial assignments and aspires to increase her exposure within the world of periodical photo story assignments. She is versatile, uniquely artistic, well-equipped, energetic, and draws a story from her subjects like few are able.

Linda B. Meyerriecks is a 39 year veteran of the National Geographic Society and one of the Photo Editing team at National Geographic Traveler Magazine since 1990. Since her recent retirement, she has been named Photo Editor Emeritus and continues as an editor for the National Geographic Book Division as well as many other divisions. Every year Linda teaches young photographers during the summer months at the Maine Media Workshops. This is where Alicia Earle Renner met Linda and, from that point on, has nurtured a mentoring relationship. Linda has placed Alicia on her personal website photoshepherd.com as an “emerging professional.” If you click on this link you will see aerphotography.com next to Alicia’s featured humpback whale image and a quote from Alicia praising Linda’s excellent class. Linda has also added Alicia to her top-notch working professionals list at linkedin.com, another networking website used by media professionals. Alicia Earle Renner wishes to thank Linda B. Meyerriecks for her endorsement as an up-and-coming professional and for placing her in such stellar company, among the world’s most highly regarded Editors and Photographers.
Printing Service
Please visit exposuremanager.com for our online print service. For prints larger than 12″x18″ please contact Alicia directly. She produces exceptional prints on canvas and the finest quality papers up to 40″ x 72″ and her rigid printing standards are of the highest caliber. Any image on this site can be beautifully reproduced at the largest size and is available for purchase.

Sample Credits
Periodical credits include:
National Geographic Traveler
Cigar Aficionado
The DuPont Registry
SEE Magazines (Miles Media Group)
Great Getaways
Delta Sky Magazine
AquaCorps Journal
Caribbean Unbound
Raw Visions magazine
The Miami Herald
… and others.

Other publications:
“Florida on my Mind” by Falcon press, a hardcover coffee table book.
MiniARTures™ fine art postcard line
produced by Art and Cards G2 design.
Monroe County Tourist Development Council
Dina Designs
The Singh Company
Miles Media Group
Orchid Key
Flexible Flier Company
Peacock Design Group
Holiday Inn La Concha
Pier House
Liberty Fleet
The Fury
The America
Sebago Catamarans
Curry Mansion
Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory
The Palms guest house
Cypress house
Island City House
Mangia Mangia
… and many more.